Friday, 16 February 2018

Summer Learning Journey 2017/18

Huge congratulations to all our Summer Learning Journey 2017/18 participants! Today Rachel, Mika and Matthew came to PBS to present our blogging champions with their certificates and prizes. Well done to Mele and Alex who were our top blogers, Ofa who came second, Marieta who came third, and Angela and Fau who were both highly commended. 

A huge thank you to Rachel and her team who read and commented on every post. Well done to all our PBS bloggers. You have set yourselves up for a successful year of learning, and we are all very proud of you!

Congratulations Jack!

Congratulations Jack for receiving your Respect CARE award badge! Have a look at Jack's blog  to see the different ways he explored the value of respect. Superb effort Jack!

Congratulations Angela and Viva!

Congratulations Angela and Viva, a certificate for the great start you have made to your 2018 learning journey. Keep working hard girls!

Blog post Record - By Hajera

Today, we were working on our blog post Record. We made a chart to show how much blog post we have done, and I did not post that much on my blog. My amount got lower as my year group went higher and in 2015 I was done good but 2016 and 2017 I cant say the same about that. 2018 we just got started school so I just have 2 blog post on my blog. I did not post that much on my blog at 2017 because my chrome book needed to be fixed.

Art Tech with Mrs Telefoni by Shakaia

Today was our very first tech rotation at Tamaki College. I was in art with Mrs Telefoni. First we had to get into groups on our table. In that group we had to write symbols that we see in everyday. Then we had to make a google slide to put together symbols that represent us and why. 

Mascot Comparison | By Magenta

Yesterday Fui, Zane and I worked on a DLO. Our DLO is about comparing this year's Winter Olympic's mascot and another year's mascot. What I really liked about completing this DLO is because I learnt about different mascots for the winter Olympics.

Where Is Pyeongchang - By Nevaeh

LI. Is to talk about Winter Olympics, and they're favourite Winter sport like, Snowboarding, Ice Skating, Luge, Alpine Skating, Biathlon, skeleton, finger skating, Freestyle skating, ski jumping, speed skating, Ice hockey, Nordic Combined and Bobsleigh.